Welcome to Space Exploration – The Final Frontier!

Welcome to Our World!

The wider Universe is now in focus more than ever before, as we seem to be running out of new frontiers to explore right here on earth. Major leaps and bounds are being achieved since the advances into deep Space Exploration along with its many other diverse and associated industries, such as the socalled ‘Secret Space Program’, for the advancement and benefit of the human race and Planet Earth.

Many new discoveries are being made and will directly have a significant bearing upon us all, no matter what walk of life we come from. Space is Man’s final Frontier, and the depth and immensity of Space with its billions of planetary systems and star galaxies seems infinite, as our Universe courses its way through its ebbs and flows with stars and comets continually dying off. The remaining dust of stars is recycled and turns into new planets, asteroids, or comets. Consequently, the study of the birth, life, and death of stars is central to the field of astronomy to keep our Scientists updated and informed in their ongoing research, and the Universe regenerates and expands itself and has been through the billions of millenniums since its infancy.

Ongoing research and deep space exploration has launched the world into a fascinating future catapulting us further afield into Space and the wider Universe. The opportunity presents itself to us all to look outside the box and embrace all these mind blowing new technologies and discoveries, which may seem somewhat surreal and the stuff science fiction is made of, with an more open mind. It also means that we are able to expand our minds and learn many new scientific concepts through the exploration of Space Technology.

Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert

September 25th, 2020

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